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"Misty Valley" Triptych

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The Terri Waters Gallery is proud to
announce the release of a new triptych.

"Misty Valley" portrays a Smokies
Summer day with mountain hugging
mist and birds soaring on the wind.

Bring the beauty of this set of 3 prints
into your home and journey with us
to a picturesque Smokies "Misty Valley".

A signed and numbered Limited Edition of 800
on neutral pH fine art paper.


Signed and Numbered Lithograph
Image Sizes
Center  20 3/4" x 13 1/8"
Side Panels  8 7/8" x 13 1/8"

Limited Edition of 800

Order "Misty Valley"
Limited Edition for  $100.00







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Terri Waters Gallery
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   Gatlinburg, TN  37738  

(865) 436-5647

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